Tours and Workshops for 2016
14th January 2016
Tours & Workshops for 2016 Hw Tours 2016 Pdf Download
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Tours & Course PDF for 2015
01st March 2015
Several people have contacted me to say they could not download a apologies, this has been rectified and is available in all its glory to let you know what we do. There have been timetabling complications but the unexpected medical problems behind them have been resolved, thank goodness.

Tours 2015 Pdf Download
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 2015
01st March 2015
A few weeks ago I was honoured to be asked to join the panel of judges for this year's competition. It is a daunting task - wonderful to be able to look through so much great work but then one has to choose.
The New Website is launched - at last
25th October 2014
Finally, after lots of fiddling the new, much simplified website goes live. I can really recommend PHOTIUM for any photographer who wants to create their own and have an easy capability for making changes. The back-up support is first-rate being speedy, effective and friendly. I considered lots of packages and programs but and so glad I made this choice.

Lots of edges to round off, labels to fix and so on but the object was to get it done before (just) Wildscreen / Wildphotos
Wildscreen /Wildphotos 2014
25th October 2014
The event that never disappoints from a presenter's end! It is a chance to meet kindred spirits and talk to faces for whom one has just known names or as Facebook friends. I know I will go back to faec our cold Umbria winter with a head spinning with ideas…

Many thanks to the good folk who attended my workshop on Plant Photography - your presence and participation was much appreciated.