All my blog posts will be placed on the blog Learn Macro shared with fellow photographer and nature lover Clay Bolt. Our intention is to create an on-line source with the most comprehensive and easy to understand information on all aspects of close-up photography...and much more besides.

[b You can find details and a download link for our joint ebook by clicking on the title
[i]Wide Angle Macro | The Essential Guide[/i]

There is also a related Facebook Page where both Clay and I post short items

NB. You can gain an appreciation of the wide range of coverage of my photographic work by visiting the Nature Picture Library site.

Click on the link above the image to browse through a diverse range of images of close-ups of flora and fauna, experience dramatic flower-filled landscapes and much more besides.

Nature Picture Library

The images above are part of the winning portfolio for the International Garden Photographer of the Year (2013) award with Royal Photographic Society (RPS) gold medal.